Self-defense & behavioral strategies

The aim of our work is to increase the level of one´s own personal security and to share a know-how in the field of prevention, behavioral strategies and the inevitable self-defense. Teaching is a combination of the technical self-defense system and the complex of analytical, psychological and behavioral know-how which can be applied in conflict and violence situation solving process.


Actual events:

Due to Covid-19 pandemic we had to pause our training & workshop activities. As a substitute we have prepared online webinars:

Webinar 1:<br>Pre-conflict phase / May 2020

Webinar 1:
Pre-conflict phase / May 2020

„Seeing & reading“ the problem situation. The more factors you can see, the better fortune waits for you.."

Webinar 2:<br>Behavioral defense strategies

Webinar 2:
Behavioral defense strategies

„It is wise to eliminate a fire in its initiation, or to ensure that it does not occur at all. “


What is self-defense?

Psychological defense<br>and behavioral strategies

Psychological defense
and behavioral strategies

A way of communication and strategic behavior in emerging conflict situation with a risk of physical attack.

From the point of importance, the communication and behavior makes more than 80 % determining factor which is responsible for direction of the next course of the events: What can be either further „escalation & graduation“ into the attack or „de-escalation & pacification“ of problem situation.

We can say that these situations are very similar to a
„chess encounter“, where the know-how of psychological principles and behavioral strategies can modulate the problem situation outcome in favor of defender strongly.

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Technical self-defense<br>and combat training

Technical self-defense
and combat training

An instant body-mind reaction to the physical attack.
Body & mind means, that defense and counter-attack movements have to be deeply incorporated in your cognitive and executive brain functions and thus in your body movements and bio-mechanics.

To give an example, we can say it is similar when you ride a bicycle. Once you know it, you don´t think about it – you do it. But it is also similar when you play a football match: You do it, but while you play you analyse, think, create an instant strategy, decide and move.

Self-defense reaction happens in milliseconds, the whole encounter normally takes just a few second interval.

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Prodefense Academy

Prodefense Academy

Functional self-defense trainings for beginners and advanced practitioners. Educational workshops in the field of „Psychology of self-defense“

The aim of our lectures is to increase the level of the preventive security and the natural instinctive & conscious precaution, further to improve the ability of conflict de-escalation and pacification. Moreover, to gain insides into decision-making in situations of menace and real threat, and finally – if necessary and inevitable to rely on functional self-defense and combat techniques and principles.

Scheduled events 2020:

Worskhops on topic: "Self-defense and psychology of conflicts"

Notice: All 2020 spring workshops has been canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Please see online events:

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VIENNA: 21-22 March, 2020

VIENNA: 21-22 March, 2020

Workshop in topic:
Personal safety & situational awareness

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OSLO:  25–26 April, 2020

OSLO: 25–26 April, 2020

Workshop in topic:
System SELF-DEFENSE 1 and psychology of conflicts

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MUNICH & NÜRNBERG:<br>30-31 May / 6-7 June, 2020

30-31 May / 6-7 June, 2020

Workshop in topic:
Psychological defense and behavioral strategies

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What are the essential bases for personal security?

We advise to educate in 2 principal areas:

A. Know-how:<br>Psychology and behavior in self-defense

A. Know-how:
Psychology and behavior in self-defense

Important complex of know-how, that includes:

1. Personal safety & situational awareness
2. Analysis: “Reading” the pre-conflict phase and stages of problem situation development
3. Ongoing psychological and behavioral mechanisms during violence and conflict
4. Stress reaction and its regulation
5. Synthesis: Decisions in the situation of threat or violence
6. Tactical behavior and behavioral methods designed to deal with violent situations and conflicts
7. Mental and behavioral prevention as a key to eliminate violence triggers

The aim of this part is to gain essential understanding of problem situations with a high risk of attack or violence and the many circumstances and factors that need to be taken into account in a very short instant.

Having this knowledge strongly increases the chances of making the right decisions and taking the right actions based on current circumstances in a particular problem situation.

B. Training:<br>Self-defense and combat principles (level 1-5 )

B. Training:
Self-defense and combat principles (level 1-5 )

Training of self-defense and combat principles as an inevitable use or the last option for solving the threatening situation. Our teaching consist of self-defense system of 5 levels:

„SYSTEM SELF-DEFENSE 1“ is a training system of technical self-defense designed for public & novices. Methodology of teaching have been created for those who have no previous experience of self-defense or martial art training. Systematic, clear and comprehensible teaching is tailored just for beginners and teaches the quality basics of the effective self-defense against the most frequent types of threats and attacks (grips, holdings, strikes, attacks from behind..). The aim of the training is to teach the „body – mind complex“ the basic defensive principles, and thus increase the ability of an adequate defense response in situations of physical threat. This course gives you a quality basics and could be seen also as a very good threshold experience into further martial art or self-defense training.

Training in „SELF-DEFENSE SYSTEM 2 – 5“ includes more advanced and highly advanced skill practice of self-defense and combat principles, aiming to build the effective capacity of adequate self-defense and a „body – mind“ action against threatening situations. These training lessons are open to the graduates of the basic course SELF-DEFENSE 1 and also for the trainees with previous martial arts experience.

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